Gift Certificate, money value

Gift Certificate, money value

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Perfect gift exists.

Let’s be honest, how many times this happened to you – you get something you don’t need or don’t like? I bet quite a few times. It’s especially disappointing if you are  environmentally conscious racking your brain how to get rid of it (re-gift, return if possible, donate or pity-fully let it end in a landfill)

Neiman Marcus was the first to introduce gift cards back in 1994, changing the gift giving/receiving experience forever.

It's great in many ways:

First, it’s a minimum packaging. Physical gift card can also be replaced with digital card if you take the climate change really seriously. Physical gift card will be placed in a stylish envelope, naturally scented. It can be delivered to your beloved one free of charge within US. If you are planning to present the gift in person we will deliver it to your address or you can pick it up at the studio. You will be contacted for instructions and your preferences shortly after placing your order.

Second, our conditions are flexible. Money value gift certificates are perfect if you are not sure what service your best friend or family member will choose.

Lastly, beauty & wellness certificates are special. Who does not want to treat themselves and feel special? Unwind and experience the magical feeling of disconnectedness from the rest of the world while our stylists do their magic?

*Tax is adjusted and included in the final cost of the certificate. All money value certificates are equivalent to store credit and can be spent for a few session or as an addition to their existing service if they are already our clients.