Introducing Lilia Verzhbo – "S academy" educator and founder of Studio 8. In 2011 Lilia has started her career as a lash artist in Russia, home to a flawless eyelash extension. 6 months after taking her first training she was fully booked with clients. Just one year later she moved to New York City. Appearance enhancement industry here wasn't developed yet, Lilia couldn't travel to Russia to learn most recent techniques so she had to learn from her own experience. Later she got a chance to learn from the world's top educators including Loreta Jasilionyte whose company Lilia represents in the USA and Canada since February 2017. In May 2015 Lilia has graduated from Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics.

Among Lilia's students are well known lash artists, multiple competition winners and trainers from different parts of the world.

"I believe every artist should find their unique style, following my way has helped me to build clientele who adore natural looks as much as I do. Trying to be like others can mislead you. Remember – you are unique, your vision will find its followers," Lilia says.

Today future lash & brow artists can avoid years of mistakes and get to the same professional level within months. It's time to scale your lash skills . While the process of education is easy and entertaining, be ready to learn a lot of information – we take it seriously and we want you to succeed. Lilia's goal stays the same – elevating quality of the procedures in the USA, growing more of professional technicians... no, artists.


Successful Beginner

Lilia says, "Learn fundamentals for any type of extension from the day one. For faster application, better retention and more professional look. It took me 7 years to master eyelash extension. You will master it too, but 7 times faster."


Pro Lash Artist

This training is perfect for those who have never performed volume extension as well as for those who are willing to improve their skills. Lash artists of all levels will find it useful and effective – Lilia will take care of it. Details, details, details – do we need to say more? The program is recommended for technicians who have already performed classic extension for a few months.


Glue Mechanisms. Digital file. Download & learn at your own pace.


There are topics that simply cannot be fully covered during a live class because of a big volume of information. Glue mechanisms is one of them. You know how sometimes you feel there are gaps in knowledge? A few little things that are missing to put this whole puzzle together? We did this puzzle for you – all in one file. Everything you need to know about glue plus access to video tutorials.


Flawless Fan

Watching all these fanning videos on Instagram but still don't get how they do it? Trying to repeat but fans keep falling apart? Bad tweezer? Then this training is for you!

100% focus on fanning, detailed explanation and universal approach to any, absolutely any volume technique. Just imagine – entire day dedicated only to the art of fanning.

One-day master-class for technicians of all levels


Smart Lash Lift

After earning recognition all over the Europe, the procedure of lash lift is becoming more and more popular in the United States. By adding it to the list of services you can boost your profit and attract more clients. Lash lift today is the only procedure on the market that includes lash lifting, adding volume and color, nourishing natural lashes, at the same time it provides clients with most natural look and is so comfortable. 

A note from Lilia, "More than 5 years ago when I just started performing lash lift I was one of many technicians who mistakenly believed that lash lift was too easy, if I could do eyelash extension, lash lift wouldn't be a problem. The result of incorrect procedure is crooked lashes that can't be managed even by mascara. If you still think that Lash Lift is too easy, then I invite you to my training."


3D Brow Design

At Studio 8 we believe eyebrows are everything – they frame face and change the appearance. We like to say it this way, "If you have time or money only for one procedure, let it be brow design."

Is it science or art? Let's find out during one of our trainings!





If you have any questions on dates, availabilities, detailed training description we will be happy to help and answer any of them. If you are interested in private training please contact us at Private training program will be determined according to each student's level.