Introducing Lilia Verzhbo – esthetician, eyelash extension and lash enhancement artist, brow designer, educator, founder of LASHES.NYC. Lilia has started her career in 2011 back in Russia, home to a flawless eyelash extension. Hardworking, diligent and ambitious she has established herself as a perfectionist. Believing that any activity requires dedication she motivates her students to be nothing but artists and to love what they do.
Lilia has developed training programs aiming to sharpen your skills at any level. Focusing on main aspects of eyelash extension these trainings provide students with rudimentary knowledge, advanced techniques and knacks on the art of eyelash extension. Making the process of education easy and entertaining Lilia sets up the goal for her students to become professional technicians in a short period of time, starting making a profit within only a few months.


Successful Beginner

Two-day intensive training includes theoretical part and practice on life model. It is a unique program aiming to start the career and gain clientele within only 2-3 months. The training process is built on four main goals - the cornerstone of eyelash extension. Students will learn a variety of materials, types of lashes, application technique,  performing touch-ups, face architecture, preventing irritation and understanding of allergic reactions. 

Duration - 2 days


~ Student kit is included

~ Ideal direction of extensions

~ Full volume without skipping a single lash

~ Secret of applying extensions to inner and outer corners of an eye

~ Long-lasting extensions

~ Correct distance from eyelid

~ BONUS - Lilia will show one of 2D volume techniques

~ LIMITED PROMOTION - receive 10% OFF for all other trainings after taking "Successful Beginner" program


Ideal Volume

This training is perfect for those who have never performed volume extension as well as for those who are willing to improve their skills. “Ideal Volume” is a unique program, that covers the material of our "Successful Beginner" program, techniques and nuances of creating 2D-6D fans and advanced knowledge about eyelash extension process. This program is recommended for technicians who have already performed classic extension.

Duration - 2 days


~ Student Kit is included

~ Small group of students

~ Perfect set of lashes picked for each client in accordance with individual face features

~ Avoiding stickies and performing procedure faster than competitors

~ Ideal 2D, 3D and Mega Volume fans

~ Adhesive - next level of understanding how it works

~ complimentary 15% OFF for our other training programs: Lash Lift and "Ideal Fan"

~ Take an advantage of extended mentored education in our studio for a discounted price


Lash Upgrade – our little secret

After earning recognition all over the Europe, the procedure of lash lift is becoming more and more popular in the United States. By adding it to the list of services you will boost your profit momentarily and attract more clients. Lash lift today is the only procedure on the market that includes lash lifting, adding volume and color, nourishing natural lashes, at the same time it provides clients with most natural look remaining incredibly comfortable. 

 Duration - 1 day


~ Different types of curl and an ideal one

~ Procedure that is safe for natural lashes 

~ Perfect curl and zero crooked lashes

~ LIMITED PROMOTION - receive 10% OFF for all other trainings after taking "Lash Upgrade - our little secret" program

A note from Lilia: "More than 4,5 years ago when I just started performing lash lift I was one of many technicians who mistakenly believed that lash lift was too easy, if I could do eyelash extension, lash lift wouldn't be a problem. The result of incorrect procedure is crooked lashes that can't be managed even by mascara. If you still think that Lash Lift is too easy, than I invite you to my training". 


If you have any questions on dates, availabilities, detailed training description we will be happy to help and answer any of them. If you are interested in private training please contact us at Private training program will be determined according to each student's level.