Chameleon Lash Adhesive

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Chameleon is our new Adhesive. Quicker drying and low in fumes, it is perfect for Advanced Lash Artist who wants a quick and clean work.

Chameleon Lash Adhesive comes in 5ml bottles, black colour. It works best in 20-22°C, humidity between 40-60% and dries in 0.5 to 1 second.

Our adhesives are compliant with EU regulations. Comes in our Adhesive Seal Pouch with silica bag.

Chameleon Lash Adhesive is not recommended for clients with sensitivity to cyanoacrylate or black carbon pigment.

Adjust the amount of adhesive to the humidity of your room during the day. If the humidity is below recommended, use only a tiny amount of adhesive. If it is higher, then use slightly more of adhesive.

 Before applying eyelash extensions, always cleanse natural lashes fully. Use saline solution instead of a primer as primers contain alcohol which dehydrates eyelashes and affects adhesive setting time.