Flawless Glue Sample

Flawless Glue Sample

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Are you struggling to find the best lash adhesive? Or wanting to try before fully committing?

Flawless Lashes by Loreta introduces Sample lash Glue that allow you to test adhesive before purchasing full size. Also a perfect travel size back up!

JetSet Pro

Best-selling lash adhesive of 2019. Now you can use a lash adhesive that not only has a thinner consistency than most, but also a quicker drying, low in fumes and works in humidity between 40-50% or 50-70% - drying in 0.5-1 second. Just adjust amount you pick up, in lower humidity less adhesive required, in higher more.


FAME LASH ADHESIVE®, a lash adhesive perfect for lower humidity between 10-50%, quick drying, within 0.5-1 seconds, medium consistency and low in fumes.


Luminous is our new Clear Adhesive. Quicker drying and low in fumes, it is perfect for Advanced Lash Artist who wants a quick and clean work. It works best in 20-22°C, humidity between 40-60% and dries in 0.5 to 1 second. Perfect for coloured lashes and clients with sensitivity to black pigment.

Glue Sample Trio 

Try 3 of our best sellers Lash Adhesive (JetSet Pro, Fame & Luminous) for the price of one full size, get 6 gram instead of 5 gram. 

 NOTE:  We do not accept returns or exchanges for glue samples.